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‘Matthew Nolan – Bye Bye Bye’

Mar 31st – Apr 6th, 2019


Matthew Nolan is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Drogheda (Ireland) and started writing when he was 16 years old, and has since released multiple singles and a EP.

With a full band and a unique pop vocal Matthew writes from a place of real life experience.

After surpassing a 100,000 streams on Spotify Matthew has a new EP being released track by track which is set to be out in early April.

Bye Bye Bye is song two and Matthew is aiming to bring each listener on a journey of heartbreak as they try to find their way through a lost opportunity at love.

Bye Bye Bye is a summer love story that follows a fast blossoming romance that soon withers to a situation of regret as bad timing forces two people apart.

Bye Bye Bye is a start to finish song about love at first sight which is delivered by Matthew’s unique vocal tone and acoustic pop techniques.

Matthew is becoming known for his catchy toe tapping pop songs and deep relatable lyrics which strike a special emotional feeling into every listener.

“There’s current musicians and then there’s musicians that show you the future. Matthew has a voice that grabs the audience but more than that a talent for writing songs that won’t just top the charts but lead them for an age to come”


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