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‘Princes To Kings – Here We Go Again’

Aug 12 – 18th, 2018


There is a lot to admire about talented new sibling pop trio, Princes To Kings.

They have, slowly but surely, built a loyal following of fans on social media – oft, by posting their current favourite song (always an eclectic but inevitably cool selection) and performing one minute jam sessions of the music which inspires them.

It is like flicking through a less pretentious NME. Their commitment to refining and honing their craft is commendable. Alongside this, they have steadfastly raised awareness for epilepsy – a condition which affects band members Zac, Finn and Josh’s older brother, Luke.

Having grown up myself with a dad with epilepsy, I know what impact it can have – but what an inspiration the people affected by it can be. Any work being done to raise awareness and funds for research is essential. Princes to Kings, I applaud thee.

You can’t see, but I’m also wildly clapping for their debut single, Here We Go Again. Pop sensibilities with youthful charm and energy, exquisitely blended with chilled, contemporary vibes.

The solid lyrics tell a story about the ups and downs of burgeoning love, where you are not sure of the signals being sent or whether your paramour is as smitten with you as you are with them. It is a tale most folk will relate to – whether you be 14 or 40. Love hits us all, chucks us up in the air, spins us around and leaves us bruised but still wanting more.

This song is equally as intoxicating – strumming guitars and a kicky beat make it feel like summer love encapsulated in 3 minutes of musical majesty.

Finger clicking rhythms abound whilst the lead vocal is pure joy. Zac is a natural raconteur, fuelling his performance with a vibrant buoyancy that gives you the impression he a) loves the roundabout nature that the titular refrain causes in relationships and b) is exhilarated just from the sheer joy of singing.

It is a band song though, the lads working in symbiotic partnership to make the verses shimmer with melody and the chorus feel like a gift from the pop gods.

You’ll be singing this all the live long day – the type of music which brings an enormous smile to your face. Welcome to planet pop guys – it is good to have you here.


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