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‘Red Rum Club – Would You Rather Be Lonely’

November 25th – December 1st.


With interloping desert guitar lines, tribal chants and a lonesome trumpet-line calling to mind the solitary notions of The Last Post, “Would You Rather Be Lonely?” is another epic release from a band bristling with ideas and bustling for the big time.

‘Would You Rather Be Lonely?’ is accompanied by an emotionally stirring new video, filmed on the iconic Matthew Street of their Liverpool hometown, which explore the veins of loneliness that run throughout the song.

Offering further insight on the video Red Rum Club front-man Fran Doran says:

“We wanted to explore the idea of loneliness, but in an uplifting, heartwarming way. It’s no secret that social media has a huge impact on our lives these days, for better or worse, and it was a case of thinking how we could portray breaking down these barriers in the video.

We landed on the idea of putting strangers in close quarters with one another – something most people might find uncomfortable – and seeing what conversations and emotions came up. We managed to capture some really profound moments on camera, and some people really relished the opportunity to connect with someone they’d never met.

We chose Mathew Street for the backdrop of this video as it’s a great little honeypot for the diverse characters of Liverpool.

Having members of the public sing along in the choruses was a great way to make them feel more involved, which in itself helped create a feeling of togetherness.”

Another blissful match made in Merseyside, Red Rum Club are the latest signees of Modern Sky UK, the label that brought you some of 2018’s finest records from the likes of The Blinders / The Slow Readers Club / Catholic Action and more. And RRC’s ‘Matador’ is just the latest in that impressive lineage.

With lyrics taut with all the grittiness of a high-noon drama and soundscapes bristling with the arid atmosphere of a cactus-studded panorama, Red Rum Club’s debut will take you to a world of Spaghetti Western Rock’N’Roll good times like no other.

Packed with swashbuckling song narratives, gripping guitar lines and the trumpeting trademarks worthy of Tarantino’s finest film scores, ‘Matador’ lassoes the listener with 10 potently original tracks gleaming with widescreen ambition.

From its Bandito blues to its Alamo allegro, the intrepid originality and knowing sense of adventure of this sextet’s outlaw oeuvre are sure to have you hooked.


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